Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Italian Property Millionaire

Antonio Velardo is fast becoming one of the most cutting edge CEO's in Italy if not the world. His innovative approach to the overseas market is second to none, rivaled only by his extensive experience in the legal and financial side of the Italian markets.

Antonio Started his quest for the top many years ago in his native Naples where is his family run a very successful property development business. This is where Antonio developed his hunger for everything property related. Who know that one day he would be spearheading one of the largest property development companies in Southern Italy – VFI Overseas Property

We here in Italy have been following this gentleman’s career over the last number of years and to this point are very proud of his success and the fact that he has put southern Italy on the map


I have been travelling to and through Southern Italy for nearly thirty years and have always wondered when the overseas traveler would discover the sensational blue waters of the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas around the toe of Italy.

A few discerning and intrepid travelers were drawn to the south by the simplicity of life, quality of food and the warmth of its people. But the Italians from the north kept the secret of this hidden paradise to themselves for many years and so the whole of southern Italy became a ‘sleeping beauty’ waiting for the investor’s kiss!

The first stirrings came when the northern Italians discovered the stunning beaches and Calabria in particular became a favored holiday destination. But they carefully kept the secret to themselves.

Then slowly the expatriate population began to invest ‘back home’ and the region was finally woken by an investment commitment from the National and Regional governments plus EU based inward investment, all of which has now grown considerably improving accessibility and infrastructure, this in turn has lead to budget airlines being attracted into the region.

The consequence of this multi layered inward investment initiative is that the markers are clear that Calabria’s Southern Riviera coastline is prime for property investment.

Calabria is a hauntingly beautiful region, a place of geographical contrast, classical Italian fishing villages perched overlooking rocky coves, strands of pristine beaches, vineyards, lakes and mountains. Skiing in the winter, lakeside retreats and so, so much more, all blessed by stunning weather for most of the year.

Calabria is now on the brink of a major revival and fast becoming the darling of the overseas holidaymaker, property investor and of course the relocator!
Here is the only place in Old Europe where it is possible to purchase property at emerging prices and unlike some other locations you can reach your investment, year round, in two and a half hours, the same as southern Spain, and not just in the summer months. And unlike other locations the development cycle has only just begun. According to the experts appreciation is anticipated to be in the region of 25 - 35% increase per annum, however a more conservative opinion of 15 – 25% would still be a fantastic return on any investment, especially when one considers the low investment entry level and the fact southern Italy is three or four times cheaper than the north of Italy, and is expect to close the gap with the north of Italy quite quickly, not unlike Portugal or Spain of 25 years ago.

As an overseas property specialist with nearly 25 years in the business I can say that Calabria and its Southern Riviera is without doubt the European investment of this decade. Where else are you able to invest in old Europe with it’s stable and generally predictable economy, within the Euro Zone, established property laws and registration, year round ease of access with numerous links and routes of communication, great year round weather all at emerging market prices, I suggest nowhere else!

Editorial by Ian Hunter